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Fact-checking is the process of investigating nonfiction information to check its veracity. Fact-checkers use specific methodologies and tools to analyze news or claims and rate them as true or false, by providing context, sources and background information.

In journalism, fact-checking comes in two forms of publishing: “ante hoc fact-checking” and “post hoc fact-checking”.

 Ante hoc fact-checking, also known as pre-publishing fact-checking, or the editorial fact checking that occurs before publishing the story to ensure its accuracy 100%. It is a resemblance of good journalism and fosters a culture of accountable and transparent news dissemination.

Post hoc fact-checking, also known as post-publication fact-checking, is an imperative way to fight fake news after the dissemination of misinformation and/or inaccurate news, and contributes in raising public awareness.

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