About AFCN

“Arab fact-checkers network”

The Arab Fact-Checkers Network (AFCN) is a grassroots network that works towards fostering transparent and impartial fact-checking in the Arab region. This network is a product of the mis/disinformation spikes amid the unprecedented times of COVID-19 worldwide.

The AFCN network, led by the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ), convenes Arab fact-checking units, institutions, and platforms from around the region, in addition to freelance Arab fact-checkers, to collaborate on promoting fact-checking and advancing in its techniques and vision towards more accountability in societies. With the support of Arab fact-checkers, the network will excel at spreading fact-checked journalism, which has come to be a necessity.


The network cares for news and rumors fact-checking, post-publication fact-checking and editorial fact-checking (pre-publication) which is scarce within newsrooms and platforms in the Arab region. It is a laborious process that requires professional, experienced, tech-savvy and nonpartisan personnel as well as the financing to evolve. ARIJ, as one of few Arab networks that carry out solid editorial fact-checking, stands by its firm belief that a deep-rooted fact-checking culture within the Arab media field will influence a sustainable future of accountability and transparency.

The AFCN project kicked off at ARIJ’s 13th Annual and 1st Virtual form (Dec 2020).

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About ARIJ

ARIJ has long been on the frontline of investigative journalism in the region, providing theoretical and hands-on training to journalists at all skill levels. Since 2006, it has trained 2,800 journalists and supported over 600 quality investigations. In the past five years, it won over 50 local, regional and international awards. By partnering with more than 50 partners worldwide, ARIJ facilitates networking for journalists and media experts through its in-person, online training workshops and events, and its Annual Forum.