The Arab Fact-Checkers Network (AFCN)
Code of Principles and Guidelines

The Arab Fact Checkers Network (AFCN) key mission is to scrutinize information related to public interest issues that are published in mainstream media, the internet, and social media channels. AFCN comprises all Arabic-speaking institutions and initiatives that have signed an MoU with AFCN. AFCN includes supporters, advocates, and independent fact-checkers who conduct their work on an independent and freelance basis.

AFCN principles were adopted by virtue of research and a study that lasted for more than a year, and relied on deliberations with institutions and initiatives specialized in information investigation, and independent fact- checkers from all Arab countries.

AFCN, MOU signatories, supporters, and advocates, who are referred to herein as the AFCN community, are fully committed to the seven principles stipulated below as the basis for its modus operandi and the essence of the governing relationship between all of them.

All of the principles and standards shall be subject to regular update, based on lessons learned, challenges that could be faced, and to the needs that may arise for fact checking institutions and independent fact-checkers in the Arab world.

The seven basic principles mentioned above reflect the values and practices of the AFCN community, and form the basis of our work. They serve as our guide for joint work and cooperation with the aim of establishing professional rules for the work of fact checking in order to support the network and its community and serve the general public and its right to obtain accurate information.

Through the signing of this Code of Principles and guidelines, the AFCN community is also committed to conducting an ongoing review of the standards of compliance with these seven principles, whenever required, in order to meet the needs of the fact checkers and the changes that may occur in the work environment.

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