Correction Policy

Arab Fact-Checkers Network (AFCN) is committed to conduct its work professionally and to respect the right of the public to know. Although the network is not a publishing platform for the dissemination of information and news, it strives to correct any error that occurs during its work and undertakes to keep the public informed through its website or its social media pages. It is also committed to full transparency, and will declare any such errors that occur in a manner that supports the practice of combating false and misleading information and consolidates the culture of information checking in the Arab World.

In order to achieve this, the network calls on its community and the general public to take the following steps when a mistake is discovered on AFCN website or any of its official platforms on social media:

Connect directly to the network via the indicated means of communication available on our website or official social media pages.

Explain the nature of the error in question and provide the correct information and evidence to support its accuracy.

Include sender name and contact details.

Once an error has been reported, it will be verified based on the information provided and it will be cross checked against other possible sources for that purpose.

If an error is confirmed, the network will correct it as soon as possible. Correction will also be clearly and appropriately stated in the posted material that included the error, with an apology.

The reader can expect a response from the network within a maximum of one week, and could expect to be contacted, if clarification is required or if the auditing team needs further information. However, such correspondence is a guarantee that the error will be investigated, but it is not a guarantee that a change will be made or that any correction will be published until the error is verified.

The network is committed to communicate the correction to the widest base of the public to ensure transparency.

If the error is in a post on social media platforms, the same actions above will be taken, in addition to notifying the followers of an error, apologizing for it, and providing the correct checked information through:

Delete the post containing the error.

Posting a new one with the correct checked information, in addition to attaching a screenshot of the previous erroneous post explaining that it has been deleted.

Finally, AFCN encourages its community to take advantage of the above-mentioned correction policy and to build on it, whether by adopting it in its entirety or by adopting any of its points in a manner that reflects the actual compliance with the principles and standards of the work of the Network and its community. As principle 5 of the Network’s Code of Principles calls for the "compliance with an open and honest Correction Policy".