AFCN Track

Within ARIJ 15th Annual Forum

Pre and within the framework of the 15th Arij Forum, entitled “Defending Independent Media”, from 2 to 4 December 2022, the Arab Fact-checkers Network (AFCN) organised an AFCN Track, with workshops and various sessions on fact-checking. The network hosts approximately 70+ fact-checkers from various Arab countries, as well as international experts in fact-checking.

This meeting is the first and widest fact-checking event in the Arab world. It is an important opportunity to network, cooperate, share experiences, and discuss the reality and challenges of fact-checking in the region with the waves of misinformation and disinformation we are witnessing in different fields and across various platforms.

What does the AFCN Track include?


  • “Fact-checking: methodologies and tools” Workshop

This workshop is organised in collaboration with the Norwegian Association for Critical and Investigative Press (SKUP).

The workshop runs over three days (29 November – 1 December) with a group of Arabs and internationals trainers specialised in fact-checking, training a group of fact-checkers from 9 Arab countries, on pre-publication fact checking, data checking, fact checking tools, confidential sources and open source investigations. Trainers are:

Nils Hanson –  an award-winning investigative editor and reporter

Joachim Dyfvermark – a Swedish reporter and producer

Nicholas Waters – From Bellingcat

Alanna Dvorak – From IFCN

Abdallah Maksour – An Arab journalist & novelist

Saja Mortada – AFCN manager

Ethar Azem – Data trainer & coach

  • Fact-Checking workshop: New ways

This workshop is part of the “Dalil” project of the Arab Fact Checkers Network (AFCN) led by ARIJ, with the support of the European Union, in cooperation with SIREN and JOSA.

The workshop runs for two days (30 November – 1 December) and trains a group of fact-checkers from 7 Arab countries by Saja Mortada, AFCN manager, Ethar Azem, specialises in data journalism, Tamara Masri specialises in digital security from “JOSA,” as well as Mohammed Abu Shakra from Meta.

During Forum:

  • AFCN Fourth Regional Meeting

As part of “SA7” project within the “Qarib” program, supported by CFI and funded by AFD, the fact-checkers will meet for the fourth time this year on December 3, 2022, but this time in person as part of ARIJ22 forum, to network and discuss their challenges.

During 2022, the network held three regional online meetings, and the fourth one is the first in-person meeting. 

First Regional Meeting – brought fact-checkers together to discuss AFCN Code of Principles & Guidelines.

Second Regional Meeting – brought fact-checkers with media professors from the Arab world.
Third Regional Meeting – brought fact-checkers with Arab media organizations representatives.

  • “How does The Washington Post Fact-Checker work?” session

In this session on December 2, you will meet with Washington Post’s fact-checking expert Glenn Kessler, and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions related to fact-checking, especially the scrutiny of the statements of politicians and decision-makers, based on his long experience in fact-checking former US President Donald Trump’s statements. Moderated by ARIJ executive editor: Hoda Osman.

  • “Why did we create the International Fact-Checking Network?” session 

In this session on December 4, 2022, you will meet Ferdi Ozsoy from the International Fact-checking Network (IFCN) to talk about the network’s experience, in addition to the efforts and challenges of fact-checking worldwide. Moderated by John Boned from SKUP.

  • “Arab Fact-checkers on the Frontlines” session

Arab fact-checkers work under complex conditions and challenges, problems related to technology and sources, and other conflicts and repression.In this session on December 2, 2022, you will meet with a group of Arab fact-checkers, Dina Ibrahim from “Akhbar Meter” in Egypt, Bakr Abdelhaq from “Tahaqaq” in Palestine, and the Moroccan fact-checker Yasmin Laabi, to talk about their efforts in fact-checking and the challenges they face in their daily work. Moderated by Rasha Faek.

  • “Fact Checkers: Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean” session 

From Africa to India to Sweden, from pre-publication to post-publication fact-checking, inspiring models we can look up to, especially in the area of networking among fact-checkers as a horizon for constructive cooperation and a framework for protection. In this session on December 4, 2022, you will hear the experiences of Peter Jones, one of the founders of Africa Check, Jensy Jacob from Boomlive India, and Sweden’s award-winning investigative editor Nils Hanson. Moderated by AFCN manager Saja Mortada.

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